Process Reflection for Multimodal Project

Upon receiving the assignment to create a Digital Story, I really did not know where to start as I was unfamiliar with video-editing software like iMovie.  However, I did know that I would use clips from my interview about Americans judging my interviewee simply based on her appearance.  I chose that part of my interview because Rita spent the majority of her time speaking about this subject and seemed amused by the ignorance of others.

Using these clips as the basis for my project, I brainstormed about the theme of judging others to introduce and end the story.  I started with a memorable quote and decided to end with a brief summary about what was said.  Although I did not know how to use all of iMovie’s functions, I did include sound effects and background music to increase the liveliness of the presentation.  Finally, I added photos of Rita and things that she spoke about to provide viewers with a visual experience as well.  Overall, I wanted to make sure that I covered the topic that Rita seemed most passionate about, and emphasize it with several effects in iMovie.