Interview Process Reflection

When I was first confronted with the task of interviewing a complete stranger and writing an entire 1000 word article about her, I will admit I was quite overwhelmed. After I finished the interview, I listened to my recording of the conversation and jotted down a summary of the most important points. Additionally, I read several interview articles from The New York Times and The Guardian to get an idea of how I could format my piece.  With my planning phase complete, I then went on to actually writing the article, which consumed the majority of my time.  Of course, I made sure to use the parts of the interview that would best support my thesis.

Once I finished writing my first draft of the article, I went back to revise my work.  I made sure to include quotes, to provide evidence for my claims.  Also, after hearing that we should reference our sources, I ensured to mention an article I read that fit in really well with one of my paragraphs.  I finally just checked over my grammar and mechanics of my essay, which were for the most part fine.  Upon completion, I felt a sense of relief, but also content that I wrote about a topic that I had almost no knowledge about a few months ago.  My interviewee, Rita, spoke of a perspective that I had never considered, and it made me become more aware of others’ backgrounds.  Most importantly, this assignment helped me understand a point a view that was foreign to me.


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